Monday, 27 November 2017

Go ahead and get "email” of all your LinkedIn connections

Hi Internet,

Got, something amazing today @LinkedIn but I believe its more of a privacy issue rather than security or might be a functionality :/

Have you ever wonder, how you get spam mails or phishing,

You: I have no idea how attacker got my email address.

So, this might be one of the case.

Here is how you can export  connections details from your LinkedIn account,

Visit this link as a logged-in user, and it should look something like this.

Click on he radio button which as option "The works: All of the individual files plus more." and request for archive.

Just wait for few seconds and once done you will be able to download your archive, and you will be able to see something like this.

Once, downloaded the archive file will have different things like,

Opening Connections.csv you may end up with getting all the details for your respective connections such as Name, Email Address, Company etc.



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