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Sunday 6 January 2019

Metadata and potential password leak in aria2

Hi Internet,

Summary: aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol command-line utility, which store's "HTTP Basic Authentication" username and password in a file when `--log` attribute is used.

This issue was observed while performing the code review of aria2, However the file was responsible for this issue, below is the vulnerable code :

1. It was observed that URL's which gets downloaded via `--log=` attribute stored sensitive information.
2. In combination with HTTP authentication a username and password can be part of the URL.
    `aria2c --log=file`

In such case the log file contains password as well, sometimes URL's may contain secret tokens, e.g. private file shared on a file hosting service. In general storing metadata at unexpected places should be avoided, rest other utility like cURL was patched to this issue, it uses HTTP digest authentication mechanism for such case.

Moving further this issue was patched and such information will be masked in latest versions of aria2. This is also similar to when URL of downloads gets stored via filesystem attributes on systems that support unix extended attributes. You can see these attributes on Linux systems by running getfattr -d [filename]

Later CVE-2019-3500 was assigned to this issue, hope you like the read.

Thank you