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Thursday 31 October 2019

Hacktivity Badge

So, this year I presented my workshop on fuzzing in Hacktivity which is a two day conference in Budapest, Hungary & I had an amazing experience over there, I would personally endorse infosec geeks to be part of that conference.

Nevertheless, I came across the electronic badge which was provided to every attendee in that conference and here is the introductory part of how to get started with the badge.

The badge runs with the MicroPython on ESP32 (low-power microcontroller) so you can develop apps via MicroPython and once the application is ready, you can upload it to the Hatchery as an egg, and the badge will be able to download and run it.

Connect your badge via USB and run `lsusb` or something alternative of `lsusb` in this case I have used `usb-devices` which prints usb device details.

Further I used `dmseg` to list more details of the connected USB devices.

So this gives a name of the badge which would be helpfully to connect and interact further with the badge using screen.
$ screen /dev/ttyACM0 
Once you are connected a welcome message is shown,

After `Enter` is touch the badge would give you main menu and setting options the badge screen is small so moving forward we would be setting up the WiFi manually via cmdline.

Navigate to Settings --> WiFi and scan for networks, select your SSID and punch in the password.

Now, every time you start your badge or perform any activity which requires WiFi it will auto select the SSID which you configured above and that's how you download/install apps or upgrade the badge firmware.

With the help of MicroPython wiki page I understood different functions for MicroPython and wrote a simple program that displays your name on badge.
Register to Hatchery, then login and upload the above code to Hatchery under a category. In this case I uploaded this code under graphic category with the name  `input`. The below video PoC demonstrates that under Installer section you would have different category, select any one category which fetches the egg's from Hatchery select any one of the egg and the badge will install it.

Once install you can view the output under the badge screen, in this case the name was displayed you can view the badge here.
I've also managed to download the badge firmware which can be found here.